Why do I always have bad luck?

Did you know that, on Earth, you live in a dual world? This means that everything has 2 sides to it, e.g. joy vs. sadness, rich vs. poor, etc. You always have a positive and negative side.
Just like we on Earth know several laws, the Universe has that too. One of those laws is the Law of Attraction. In short: that what you emit, you attract. So when you feel, think and talk negatively, you will attract negativity in your life. In other words: adversity. That negative thinking sometimes happens unconsciously (“O no, another parking ticket!”) but is often guided from our subconscious (“I’ve always learned: to get rich, you have to work hard.”). This is filled with all of the info that we have absorbed since birth, like a sponge. Though this info isn’t always correct.

But… it also works the other way around!
So if you emit positivity, you will attract positivity! Everything is about the level of the frequency you emit (check out this blog post too). Do you want to know more about this? Make sure to read Chapter 12: Change in this book!

Thank goodness we’re never too old to learn and to change!