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Why protect yourself?

Every moment of the day people are exposed to all kinds of energies. Energies from the planet we live on, the people around us, animals, plants, but also our own inner energy. These energies exist on a scale from the positive to the negative and thus can also influence us in that way. External negative […]

How to expel that inner devil?

Everyone knows this. That tiny angel and devil that sit on your shoulders and advise you in your life choices. It kind of goes like this: “Yeeeees, what a great idea! Do it! Just go for it, you can do it!” and “Yes, but… Is this a good idea? Do you have the necessary means […]

Why do I always have bad luck?

Did you know that, on Earth, you live in a dual world? This means that everything has 2 sides to it, e.g. joy vs. sadness, rich vs. poor, etc. You always have a positive and negative side. Just like we on Earth know several laws, the Universe has that too. One of those laws is […]

Does an unborn child have a soul yet?

Humans have a soul, so much is clear. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to contact them in the Hereafter. Animals have a soul too, I already wrote about that in a previous blog post. But how about babies who come to pass before they are able to talk? Or a step further: an unborn child. […]

Is my house haunted?

Everyone has heard of the Paranormal Activity movies in which a young couple gets harassed by evil spirits in their home. But is this something that can happen in real life or is it all greatly exaggerated Hollywood fiction? No… and yes. First I have to point out that souls, after their physical body passes […]

Do animals have a soul?

Over the course of my career this has been a frequently asked question. Do animals have a soul? The answer is: of course! All living creatures have a soul. That means that you can do a flower séance for your deceased cat, dog, bird, horse, etc. In the earthly world animals can’t talk, not like […]

Why flowers to make contact?

Everything on Earth consists of energy, this is scientifically proven. Every energy vibrates on a certain frequency and certain energies vibrate on a higher or lower frequency. Flowers, incense and candle light are the 3 things that vibrate on the highest frequency. Those are the things that stand closest to the vibration frequency of the […]

Is there life after death?

It’s not my intention to convince people that there’s life after death, not at all. For me it’s just an undisputed fact. The reason for this is my communications with the deceased being so accurate, they can’t be refuted. Participants of the flower séances who connected with their deceased confirm this time after time. Their […]

My spiritual world

Hello lovely people, With this blog I would like to give you a peek in my spiritual world. It’s my way to try and answer the many questions you’ve asked me through the years. Be aware that I’m not superwoman and neither am I all-knowing. I’m just Ilse, a woman like there are millions on […]