Does an unborn child have a soul yet?

Humans have a soul, so much is clear. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to contact them in the Hereafter. Animals have a soul too, I already wrote about that in a previous blog post. But how about babies who come to pass before they are able to talk? Or a step further: an unborn child.

It’s important to know that every soul, whether it’s a baby, a child, an adult or an animal, as an energy knows perfectly how to communicate with me. This always happens in a language I understand. So when I make contact with an American or German soul, or one from Swahili: the language the physical body spoke on Earth, is of no importance to the soul on the Other Side. Language surpasses all boundaries in the Hereafter. Even if the person didn’t have the chance to learn to speak one yet.

Then the question arises: when does the descent of the soul into the body take place? This is the most important question in the abortion debate, the question that has remained unanswered for years. Science states that a foetus can feel pain from 22 weeks, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the soul only enters the body after 22 weeks! Every soul descends at the moment of conception. Thus from the moment the sperm fertilizes the egg, there’s soul descent. Furthermore: a soul chooses with great care where (with whom) it wants to be born. Mother and father were chosen by the child (and not the other way around!).

So with pleasure I can let you know that it’s also possible to do a flower séance for the unborn child. These messages are always very beautiful and of a higher level. This is because these children have one of the purest energies that exist.