Is my house haunted?

Everyone has heard of the Paranormal Activity movies in which a young couple gets harassed by evil spirits in their home. But is this something that can happen in real life or is it all greatly exaggerated Hollywood fiction? No… and yes.

First I have to point out that souls, after their physical body passes away, usually go to their place of peace. This concerns the vast majority. Unfortunately there are some who are not able to do this because they, for some other reason, can’t leave their earthly existence behind. Those we call ghosts and, yes, they can harass us. Usually with the intent to call attention to their problem: the not being able to cross. This happens most often to the people who are sensitive to this, by which I mean: people whose channel is more open (e.g. adolescents, highly sensitive people, and of course paranormally gifted). Ghosts sense this and are drawn to these people.

Examples of how this can manifest:
– banging doors
– footsteps on the stairs
– moving furniture
– manipulating elektricity
– …

This can go even further, like for example:
– keeping you out of your sleep
– showing themselves (in shadow form)
– spreading a putrid scent
– harassing pets
– …

Mind you: these are only examples, not a list to check off. People who are bothered by these or other negative energies (e.g. burglary) in the house, can use a certain essential oil to shield and protect themselves. There are also people who specialize in the purifying or cleansing of houses.

But there’s also another, more positive, side to this story and fortunately this one is far more common.
Souls who did find their resting place peacefully, like to remind the friends and family left behind that they’re still around. They like to come ‘say hello’, as I call it. They can give the same signs as in the first 4 examples I gave, but to them it’s all play. They just want to let you know: “Look, here I am!”.

But… how do you know the difference?
By doing a monthly cleansing ritual in the house. That’s how you keep it pure at all times. The entities that do come and visit then, are not ones to be afraid of. The best thing you can do is simply to acknowledge their presence and welcome them :).