Do animals have a soul?

Over the course of my career this has been a frequently asked question. Do animals have a soul? The answer is: of course!

All living creatures have a soul. That means that you can do a flower séance for your deceased cat, dog, bird, horse, etc. In the earthly world animals can’t talk, not like humans do anyway. But when they pass away and exist only of soul energy, the communication happens just like with contacts of other deceased. Perfect, in the usual human language :).

What do animals have to say? Usually they refer to their presence in the house of their owners. They also often mention that the current pets, if there are any, can see them and how that happens. Furthermore they pass on similar information as other deceased would (see blog post: Is there life after death?) After all, in the Hereafter they don’t differentiate between an animal or a human soul. A soul is an energy, and whatever kind of body it came from, doesn’t matter on that Side. Fun fact: on the Other Side there’s also no difference in breed or race. Not for dogs, nor humans.