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Why flowers to make contact?

Everything on Earth consists of energy, this is scientifically proven. Every energy vibrates on a certain frequency and certain energies vibrate on a higher or lower frequency. Flowers, incense and candle light are the 3 things that vibrate on the highest frequency. Those are the things that stand closest to the vibration frequency of the Hereafter. In other words: flowers, incense and candle light bring you to the doorstep of Heaven, through their energy. And these are exactly those 3 things that we also use in farewell rituals for our deceased. Over the years the meaning of this got lost. When someone would like a contact with their beloved deceased and offers a flower as tribute, I, as a medium, can make contact more swiftly than without a flower. Then why do I work with flowers rather than with incense or candle light? That’s pure personal preference, and also for practical reasons.

So people who think that a flower séance equals the ‘summoning of ghosts’, I have to disagree with. We offer the flower and the deceased is free to respond, or not. Summoning means that we would oblige them to be present and this is never a good and safe choice.

Although I have to admit that in my 28 years’ experience with séances, I’ve only had one refusal, and with very good reason (if you’d like to know this story, read my book From my toes to my purple hair). The deceased entities are all too often very excited to be able to have their say :).

Is there life after death?

It’s not my intention to convince people that there’s life after death, not at all. For me it’s just an undisputed fact. The reason for this is my communications with the deceased being so accurate, they can’t be refuted. Participants of the flower séances who connected with their deceased confirm this time after time. Their disbelief is often tremendous. They do not understand where I, for heaven’s sake, got this information that no one else knows of. For heaven’s sake, is indeed the right word here…

At first you have to understand that I’m ‘just’ the conduit between Heaven and Earth. Heaven, the Other Side, the Hereafter, however you want to call it. When I adjust my ‘phone line’ in the right way, I receive information which I have no control over, whatsoever. They hand it to me, I just pass it on. In the exact same words, the exact same intonation, without changing anything. Because that’s my duty.

What They share, is what They want to tell you right now. That means that this won’t necessarily be what you want to hear. And that’s the hard part. But you have to understand that They can see into your future. So They react from that point of view, They want to offer help or even warn. From the moment the participants think back of the flower séance the next day, the Universe goes to work with them.

That’s when my job is done.

My spiritual world

Hello lovely people,

With this blog I would like to give you a peek in my spiritual world. It’s my way to try and answer the many questions you’ve asked me through the years.

Be aware that I’m not superwoman and neither am I all-knowing. I’m just Ilse, a woman like there are millions on the world, with just one difference… I have an amazing connection to ‘the Other Side’. I didn’t go to school for this, I was born with it. After years of playful exploration and trial and error, I developed the skills to deal with it in an ‘earthly’ way. I share with you my acquired knowledge from 60 years of experience in an attempt to unravel the secrets of this mysterious world for and with you.

Embark on a spiritual tour of discovery through my blog, vlog, facebook, instagram and youtube channel. Those who like to take it to the next level, can join my webinars, courses, consults or flower séances. You know where to find me ;).

In love and light!!
Ilse Van Dun