Why protect yourself?

Every moment of the day people are exposed to all kinds of energies. Energies from the planet we live on, the people around us, animals, plants, but also our own inner energy. These energies exist on a scale from the positive to the negative and thus can also influence us in that way. External negative influences are harmful for our psychological as well as our physical health. Fortunately we can protect ourselves from this. But… how then?
There’s an essential oil, made of a mix of Brazilian herbs, that we can use for this. This mix is called Dedghema and it helps for several problems:
– exhaustion
– digestive issues
– concentration disorders
– …
Even against burglary!

If you want to know more about this and how to use it, take a look here.

How to expel that inner devil?

Everyone knows this. That tiny angel and devil that sit on your shoulders and advise you in your life choices. It kind of goes like this:
“Yeeeees, what a great idea! Do it! Just go for it, you can do it!” and
“Yes, but… Is this a good idea? Do you have the necessary means for this? I’m telling you, this will never end well.”

Making choices in life is the hardest thing there is. And if you lack a supportive environment on top of that… then that little devil easily takes over! How do you expel this annoying little guy and how do you give the angel its strength again?

Luckily the Universe wouldn’t be the Universe if it didn’t already have certain tools and techniques available for us! A small glimpse: everyone, yes indeed, EVERYONE, is in possession of these tools. Unfortunately not everyone knows how to use and control them… and that’s the catch. I’ve specialized in top coaching, with the necessary diplomas, to teach you these. My powerful connection to the Other Side provides a unique bonus ;). To guarantee success in my approach:
– groups are never larger than 8 people
– I use a very personal approach
– every coaching course is followed by 4 weeks of personal follow-up

Everything depends on 1 decision: Do you want to change your life, or not?!

“Hoping for change without doing anything for it, is like waiting for a boat at a train station.”

Why do I always have bad luck?

Did you know that, on Earth, you live in a dual world? This means that everything has 2 sides to it, e.g. joy vs. sadness, rich vs. poor, etc. You always have a positive and negative side.
Just like we on Earth know several laws, the Universe has that too. One of those laws is the Law of Attraction. In short: that what you emit, you attract. So when you feel, think and talk negatively, you will attract negativity in your life. In other words: adversity. That negative thinking sometimes happens unconsciously (“O no, another parking ticket!”) but is often guided from our subconscious (“I’ve always learned: to get rich, you have to work hard.”). This is filled with all of the info that we have absorbed since birth, like a sponge. Though this info isn’t always correct.

But… it also works the other way around!
So if you emit positivity, you will attract positivity! Everything is about the level of the frequency you emit (check out this blog post too). Do you want to know more about this? Make sure to read Chapter 12: Change in this book!

Thank goodness we’re never too old to learn and to change!

Does an unborn child have a soul yet?

Humans have a soul, so much is clear. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to contact them in the Hereafter. Animals have a soul too, I already wrote about that in a previous blog post. But how about babies who come to pass before they are able to talk? Or a step further: an unborn child.

It’s important to know that every soul, whether it’s a baby, a child, an adult or an animal, as an energy knows perfectly how to communicate with me. This always happens in a language I understand. So when I make contact with an American or German soul, or one from Swahili: the language the physical body spoke on Earth, is of no importance to the soul on the Other Side. Language surpasses all boundaries in the Hereafter. Even if the person didn’t have the chance to learn to speak one yet.

Then the question arises: when does the descent of the soul into the body take place? This is the most important question in the abortion debate, the question that has remained unanswered for years. Science states that a foetus can feel pain from 22 weeks, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the soul only enters the body after 22 weeks! Every soul descends at the moment of conception. Thus from the moment the sperm fertilizes the egg, there’s soul descent. Furthermore: a soul chooses with great care where (with whom) it wants to be born. Mother and father were chosen by the child (and not the other way around!).

So with pleasure I can let you know that it’s also possible to do a flower séance for the unborn child. These messages are always very beautiful and of a higher level. This is because these children have one of the purest energies that exist.

Is my house haunted?

Everyone has heard of the Paranormal Activity movies in which a young couple gets harassed by evil spirits in their home. But is this something that can happen in real life or is it all greatly exaggerated Hollywood fiction? No… and yes.

First I have to point out that souls, after their physical body passes away, usually go to their place of peace. This concerns the vast majority. Unfortunately there are some who are not able to do this because they, for some other reason, can’t leave their earthly existence behind. Those we call ghosts and, yes, they can harass us. Usually with the intent to call attention to their problem: the not being able to cross. This happens most often to the people who are sensitive to this, by which I mean: people whose channel is more open (e.g. adolescents, highly sensitive people, and of course paranormally gifted). Ghosts sense this and are drawn to these people.

Examples of how this can manifest:
– banging doors
– footsteps on the stairs
– moving furniture
– manipulating elektricity
– …

This can go even further, like for example:
– keeping you out of your sleep
– showing themselves (in shadow form)
– spreading a putrid scent
– harassing pets
– …

Mind you: these are only examples, not a list to check off. People who are bothered by these or other negative energies (e.g. burglary) in the house, can use a certain essential oil to shield and protect themselves. There are also people who specialize in the purifying or cleansing of houses.

But there’s also another, more positive, side to this story and fortunately this one is far more common.
Souls who did find their resting place peacefully, like to remind the friends and family left behind that they’re still around. They like to come ‘say hello’, as I call it. They can give the same signs as in the first 4 examples I gave, but to them it’s all play. They just want to let you know: “Look, here I am!”.

But… how do you know the difference?
By doing a monthly cleansing ritual in the house. That’s how you keep it pure at all times. The entities that do come and visit then, are not ones to be afraid of. The best thing you can do is simply to acknowledge their presence and welcome them :).

Do animals have a soul?

Over the course of my career this has been a frequently asked question. Do animals have a soul? The answer is: of course!

All living creatures have a soul. That means that you can do a flower séance for your deceased cat, dog, bird, horse, etc. In the earthly world animals can’t talk, not like humans do anyway. But when they pass away and exist only of soul energy, the communication happens just like with contacts of other deceased. Perfect, in the usual human language :).

What do animals have to say? Usually they refer to their presence in the house of their owners. They also often mention that the current pets, if there are any, can see them and how that happens. Furthermore they pass on similar information as other deceased would (see blog post: Is there life after death?) After all, in the Hereafter they don’t differentiate between an animal or a human soul. A soul is an energy, and whatever kind of body it came from, doesn’t matter on that Side. Fun fact: on the Other Side there’s also no difference in breed or race. Not for dogs, nor humans.

Why flowers to make contact?

Everything on Earth consists of energy, this is scientifically proven. Every energy vibrates on a certain frequency and certain energies vibrate on a higher or lower frequency. Flowers, incense and candle light are the 3 things that vibrate on the highest frequency. Those are the things that stand closest to the vibration frequency of the Hereafter. In other words: flowers, incense and candle light bring you to the doorstep of Heaven, through their energy. And these are exactly those 3 things that we also use in farewell rituals for our deceased. Over the years the meaning of this got lost. When someone would like a contact with their beloved deceased and offers a flower as tribute, I, as a medium, can make contact more swiftly than without a flower. Then why do I work with flowers rather than with incense or candle light? That’s pure personal preference, and also for practical reasons.

So people who think that a flower séance equals the ‘summoning of ghosts’, I have to disagree with. We offer the flower and the deceased is free to respond, or not. Summoning means that we would oblige them to be present and this is never a good and safe choice.

Although I have to admit that in my 28 years’ experience with séances, I’ve only had one refusal, and with very good reason (if you’d like to know this story, read my book From my toes to my purple hair). The deceased entities are all too often very excited to be able to have their say :).

Is there life after death?

It’s not my intention to convince people that there’s life after death, not at all. For me it’s just an undisputed fact. The reason for this is my communications with the deceased being so accurate, they can’t be refuted. Participants of the flower séances who connected with their deceased confirm this time after time. Their disbelief is often tremendous. They do not understand where I, for heaven’s sake, got this information that no one else knows of. For heaven’s sake, is indeed the right word here…

At first you have to understand that I’m ‘just’ the conduit between Heaven and Earth. Heaven, the Other Side, the Hereafter, however you want to call it. When I adjust my ‘phone line’ in the right way, I receive information which I have no control over, whatsoever. They hand it to me, I just pass it on. In the exact same words, the exact same intonation, without changing anything. Because that’s my duty.

What They share, is what They want to tell you right now. That means that this won’t necessarily be what you want to hear. And that’s the hard part. But you have to understand that They can see into your future. So They react from that point of view, They want to offer help or even warn. From the moment the participants think back of the flower séance the next day, the Universe goes to work with them.

That’s when my job is done.

My spiritual world

Hello lovely people,

With this blog I would like to give you a peek in my spiritual world. It’s my way to try and answer the many questions you’ve asked me through the years.

Be aware that I’m not superwoman and neither am I all-knowing. I’m just Ilse, a woman like there are millions on the world, with just one difference… I have an amazing connection to ‘the Other Side’. I didn’t go to school for this, I was born with it. After years of playful exploration and trial and error, I developed the skills to deal with it in an ‘earthly’ way. I share with you my acquired knowledge from 60 years of experience in an attempt to unravel the secrets of this mysterious world for and with you.

Embark on a spiritual tour of discovery through my blog, vlog, facebook, instagram and youtube channel. Those who like to take it to the next level, can join my webinars, courses, consults or flower séances. You know where to find me ;).

In love and light!!
Ilse Van Dun